Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Weeks Off

Thanksgiving break was the perfect week to begin a nice recovery. I got to relax, visit family, eat great food, and read lots of books. I was sore for about two days after the half marathon and then I felt good again. However, I know that I need some rest before I begin training for the 2010 triathlon season, even if it is just a mental break.
Of course, my training plan for December is already made up (in pencil) and I have races scheduled for early 2010. I can't sit around for too long! On January 2nd there is a short, fun duathlon that my sister MAY compete in with me. February is fun run time with local running club, including a 20K that I am looking forward to. In March, I hope to convince my husband to run his first 5K with me. (When I say with me, I actually mean in front of me, he is too fast for this slowpoke)
Until then, I'll keep reading books, doing a little yoga, and looking forward to hitting the pavement again.

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