Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting Excited

The YMCA Half Marathon is two weeks away. My last long run will be on Sunday. I have to squeeze it in between church and my nephew's birthday party. I love to run early Sunday mornings but with deer season in full swing, that is not a smart idea. Tapering seems like a good idea right about now because I am getting tired. My goal for this race is just to finish since it is my first half marathon. Luckily, it is right across the street from a great children's Science museum so my husband and son will have something to do for two hours+. Tomorrow night I will run the Riverside V, a very fun 5 mile road race at night. I am hoping to beat my time from last year, a very slow 52 minutes. Last year at this time my longest run was 7 miles and my average run was about 4 miles. This year my volume has increased, but I am not doing very much speedwork. So, we'll see...

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