Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Track Workout

I live in a rural area and it's hard to find a training partner. After weeks of cajoling, I finally got someone (and a track coach, no less) to meet me at a local High School track for a workout. I foolishly chose 4:30 pm as the time because that is when we both had babysitters. It was about 105*F with the heat index and no shade. So, you can imagine what happened next...

Coach was in charge and we did a warm up and stretching. Then we decided to 4 laps, 3 laps, and 2 laps of speed work, at about a 9 mile pace. The first mile whipped my fanny and I really thought I was going to pass out. We walked a lap to cool down. Although, cool did not really happen. We were short on time, so we decided to do just 2 laps and wrap it up. I barely finished the first lap and had to tell him that I was DONE! I almost threw up again and was very embarrassed. So, after my less than 2 mile track workout, we called it a day. We agreed to meet again at a more sane time of day. I'm already ready to try it again!


  1. Great job, thats how you get fast. You must puck to run fast. Not really but a couple of really painful track workouts can not hurt. Hey watch iut for the fly

  2. do I really spell that bad or is my typing bad?