Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half Marathon Plans

I'm a planner, I can't help it. Even before I have finished my summer A race (see below), I am making plans for the winter's A race. I have fast 5K wishes and half marathon dreams. The longest road race that I have ever done is a 5 mile race. Last February I was planning to do a 20K race, but in late December my knees were too sore. I think that this was from not changing my shoes often enough (see below for foot weirdness) and hopefully that will not be factor this time as I gradually increase my mileage.

I have been working on my cycling for about a year (it's still terrible) and I feel like running is the boyfriend that I have been cheating on. I will still continue to cycle as cross-training, but I won't be putting such an emphasis on speed, cadence, etc. I will really be working on my running, my first love of the three sports of triathlon. I only swim seasonally because I live so far away from the pool. One hour each way is too far to commute for year round swimming, even though I enjoy it.

In November, I will hopefully run the YMCA Half Marathon in Shreveport, LA. My goal will just be to finish, since it's my first half marathon. I am using a training plan from the Runner's World Smart Coach ( that should get me there without getting hurt. I am not entirely sure that my knees will allow me to go the distance, but I'll never know if I don't try. If there is anything that triathlon training has taught me it is that your body is capable of more than you think. I'll keep you posted!

I'll have a race report from the River Cities Triathlon on Monday (with pictures) and the final results from my 6 Week Challenge on Tuesday.

P.S. I put a hit counter on here and it seems like people are reading this blog! I'm always shocked when I see clicks that aren't mine. Thanks for reading and for coming back.


  1. Where on your knees are you having trouble? A lot of the pain can be taken care of through stretching after your run, watching the hills and icing as necessary.

  2. So did you run the YMCA Half in Shreveport?