Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 Week Challenge - Week 3

It's been three weeks since I challenged myself to eat as well as possible. According to my home scale, I have lost 1% body fat. I know those things are very accurate, but it seems to be pretty reliable, in that I get consistent numbers. So, even if the number is not accurate, the % change should still be pretty close. Anyway, I'm encouraged. I have also lost about an inch each off my waist and hips. A more significant change is that I have cut out all sugar and most starchy calories. I am getting most of my carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. I did make some bread with my gluten free baking mix to try it out and after I ate some for breakfast, I could tell a difference in the way I felt versus when I have fruit and yogurt or something else light for breakfast.

The only setback was last week when I went to a three day training and we sat all day at tables that were covered with candy and there were ice chests full of sodas. I know that they were put there as a courtesy, but it just made me think about our food culture. If I had whipped out a bag of baby carrots or an apple to snack on during that meeting, it would have been disrespectful to the speaker, but eating candy is acceptable. Weird! I did drink a soda because I was feeling sleepy (the speaker was excellent, it is just hard to sit for 6 hours!). I have to go back next week for 2 more days, but I'm coming with a plan. I'll bring some green tea in a thermos and quiet healthy snacks like raisins.

My training has been going well! I just had a very easy week and I am only 3 weeks out from the River Cities Triathlon in Shreveport, LA. It will be my first "peak" of the year and I am curious to see how I race when I am really rested. Everything else I have done this year has been treated as just another workout. I'll keep you posted!

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