Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunrise Triathlon #3 Race Report

When I woke up this morning at 5 am, I was sick. Not from nerves, just sick to my stomach. I don't know if I ate something with wheat it in or just something I shouldn't have, but I felt bad. I made myself eat breakfast, load up my gear, and get going.

When I arrived at the swim club, I felt a little better, but was kind of dizzy. I set up and got in the pool to warm up. I took it very easy and decided that I would be okay.

The swim is a time trial start and we started out with more time in between athletes so the pool was not as crowded as it was 3 weeks ago. I swam by myself the whole way, taking it easy.

I made a quick transition and hopped on my bike (not the cool way, just the "I've only had clip-less pedals for about 6 months" way) and I was off. I have really been working on my biking for the last 3 weeks and I was disappointed to see 14.5 mph on my bike computer for the first few miles. I decided that this race would just be good practice with racing and being mentally tough. (BTW, when you are not fast, EVERY race is practice being mentally tough, just being there) It was an out and back course with the turn around at the top of a little hill. Once I started down the hill, I had a little break and from then on I started moving. I felt better and the wind was at my back and I started to see those numbers go up. I ended up increasing my average mph from 15.8 3 weeks ago to 16.0. Not much of an increase, but I'll take it! I even passed two people and it felt like not as many people passed me this time.

When I came into T2 I heard the sweetest sound in the world, "Hey, Mama!" There was my family and it lit me up to see them. I made a quick switch to running shoes and decided NOT to go to the potty even though I needed to.

I was feeling better, but decided not to push the run since I had to pee. I had fun talking to the volunteers, other athletes, and people walking their dogs on the sidewalk. When I got to the two mile mark, I saw that I was not making terrible time and I started to have even more fun. I finished strong and had a big smile on my face for the photographer.

Here are the results...

450 yard swim - 9:47 4/7 in AG

T1 - 1:45

15 mile bike - 56:20 (16 mph avg.) 7/7 in AG, of course

T2 - :48

5K run - 28:55 (9:33 pace) 4/7 in age group

I have about 7 weeks until my next triathlon, but I will run the July 4th 5K and try to PR, even though it is hilly and HOT!

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