Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Aha" Week

This week has been about having those "aha" moments during training that really show how inexperienced I am. Wednesday when I was swimming I was concentrating on correct head position, breathing on both sides, hand entry, and that was ALL I could think about at one time. Then I looked at the coach and she made a pulling motion and I tried to add that in, too. For some reason, everything worked together and I felt my hands "catch" the water, really catch it for the first time. Oh, so that's what she's been telling me to do for the last 6 weeks! I get it now. Hopefully the next time I swim, I will still get it.

Another "aha" I had this week happened after I took my bike to the bike shop for new tires. The old ones were just too cracked to ride on anymore, even for me. Bike Shop Guy told me that the tired on there were really more like hybrid tires and asked if I wanted true road tires. Heck yeah, I said. I want to go fast! I tried them out and I can totally feel a difference. I got about 1 mph faster just by getting "real" tires on my bike. It's not even a "real" bike! (More on that later). Hopefully, they will help me do well in my first sprint tri of the season next Sunday.

A few days ago I wrote about really committing to my nutrition plan and I have STUCK to that commitment. I had a really great week nutrition-wise and plan to continue that and see what happens!

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  1. A ha moments are the BEST!!! Way to stick to it and see the results of your hard work!