Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch Up Time!

Okay, so much has been going on that I have not written anything in weeks! Work has been really busy. I was out of town for a conference and we are winding up a great school year which means lots of little chores. We have also been going to lots of family things for birthdays and Mother's Day, etc. which keeps us running. AND of course, tri season has started!

My first sprint of the season was scheduled for May 3rd, but we got lightning, thunder, and rained out. It was a bit disappointing, but who wants to swim in a thunderstorm? It was good practice for packing up my gear, etc. and the pre-race clinic was very informative.

I has said last post that my swimming seemed to be improving and my last swim was also good. I had put down that I could do 400 yards in 10 minutes on my race application (it's a time trial start in a pool) and last swim, we swam 10 minutes for time. I was going really easy and I did 375 yards, so I know I can do 400 in a race in less than 10 minutes. So that got my swimming confidence up a bit.

Last weekend my sister, my friend Hope, and I did a tiny 5K in a small, nearby town. It was Hope's first 5K and my sister's first in a while. I was hoping to beat 27 minutes, but I had a bad race. It was very hot and I am not acclimated yet. However, it was good training in mental toughness and I had a great time with my sis and friend. I usually either go by myself to races or my husband and son come to watch, but don't run. It was a lot of fun to have friends in the race. I also won second place female overall due to the smallness of the race, so that was a nice perk, even though it was not my best race.

My next sprint will be on May 24th and it is 450 yard swim, 13 mile bike (I think) and 2.5 mile run. I am looking forward to that, but have downgraded my running and biking expectations until I get used to the hot weather we are having right now. I am so grateful to be healthy and have a supportive family that indulges my crazy triathlon hobby! Just getting to race is a joy for me this season, if I do better than I expect it will be icing on the cake.

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