Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reflecting on 2009

The year is almost over and since Beginner Triathlete keeps track of these things for me, I have some data from 2009. These numbers will be my baseline for future years of fitness.

Here's what I did in '09:
Running - 531 miles
Biking - 650 miles
Swimming - 25, 500 yards
Weight Loss - 10 pounds
Races - 11 (one duathlon, five 5K's, one 5 mile road race, one half marathon, three sprint triathlons)
Smiles - too many to count

Every day I am thankful that I can move, see, and hear. All of my family is healthy and we have a warm place to live. 2009 was a good year! I hope that you had a good year, too.

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