Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love you, Mom!

As part of my preparation for my sprint tri tomorrow, I was visualizing each part of the race. When I got to the run part, I realized that if I was doing it right, it would hurt or at least be uncomfortable. So, as I was mentally rehearsing running through discomfort and what I would say to myself and what I would ignore, etc. I thought of my mom. She is a breast cancer survivor who endured two surgeries, chemo, and radiation as part of her treatment. Not to mention the fear, uncertainty, and constant monitoring that go along with a cancer diagnosis. So I called her and told her that I was running for her and that if she could go through all that with grace, then I could hurt for 2.6 miles. Since she IS my mother, her only concern was "But I don't want you to hurt". What a lady!

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