Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That

Hello, you! Thanks for reading... Work has been really busy, but I notice that I am not as dog tired this year as I usually get. (could it beeeeeee.... Fitness?) I had a really great time at swimming last night and a few times I felt like I was really swimming, everything was easy and working correctly together. If I can string a few more of those moments together, then I'll be on to something. I really love swimming and wish I lived closer to the pool :( There is an open water swim clinic at the end of May that I am looking forward to. This is my big learning year, so I am taking advantage of all the tips I can.

I don't really love biking because I don't know much about it, but I think I will come to love it as I get more confident on the bike. The roads around here are rough and my bike is not nice, but I just think of all that as strength training. When I ride on good roads, I should fly, right? (crossing fingers)

Unrelated to triathlon, I got a saucy new haircut (think Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago OR the German woman who worked with Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies).

GOOD LUCK to all New Orleans 70.3ers!


  1. That OWS clinic will be awesome! Congrats on the new hair-do! Mine's a little like that now, though my bob's grown-out some. I love it.

  2. ok then update your profile pic