Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easy Week in the Big Easy

This week was an easy week for me and it came at a good time. I was lucky enough to get to attend a national conference for Science teachers in New Orleans. That meant four days of travel and eating GREAT food. Our hotel had a small gym so I was able to have a short run one day and to do my strength training one day. Other than that, I just enjoyed the conference. I got lots of great ideas to use in my classroom and am very excited about the rest of the school year. (But, I am always excited about school, that's why I'm a teacher...)

I had three dinners in NOLA and here is a quick review. (I am not a restaurant critic or chef, I just like good food.)

MULATES This is cajun food, live zydeco band, cajun dancing, very good crab cakes.

CAFE DEGAS This was the best meal I had there. My cousin is a local and took us there. French food, moderate prices, neighborhood feel. I have been to France and I don't remember the food being as good as it was here.

ROCK-N-SAKE I love sushi and my friend had never tried it. She is a convert now! The sushi was good and the atmosphere is great. It's casual and the art is interesting.

Hopefully, my body took this break to build itself back a little stronger because I will be running a 5K next Saturday and I hope to PR. I feel pretty confident because on the treadmill at the hotel, I was doing intervals at around 8:30 pace and to beat my college time of 28:22, I don't need to run quite that fast. I'll keep you posted.

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