Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon Race Report

This was my first year to participate in the Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon. (If you don't know about Simply Stu, check out his website and podcast http://www.simplystu.com/) You do the triathlon where ever you can and choose your distance. My four year old son also participated. This was, of course, his first triathlon, and he was pretty excited. We drove to the health club and he stayed in the day care while I swam my 400 yards, then I got him and he "swam" 50 yards. Then we drove home and he rode his bike .5 mile and ran .25 mile. The kid's running site that I checked for appropriate distances on (http://www.kidsrunning.com/) said that a four year old could run/ walk .25 mile, but he just wanted to run. Then he partied with dad while I biked 12 miles and ran 3.1.

This was my first triathlon in 10 years, more on that later this week, and it was special because it was a family event. It also gives me a good baseline for my fitness for later races this year. I am grateful to Stu and all who helped with the event, it was a blast.

You probably are curious about times, and in the interest of encouraging the beginner, I believe in full disclosure.

400 yard swim - 8:33
12 mile bike - 1:01
5K run: right at 30 minutes

This encourages me because I cut way back for about 6 weeks after my duathlon in January because my knees were hurting and these times about about what I was doing before, so I don't feel like I lost any fitness. My next race is a local 5K in March, I'm trying to beat a 10 year PR!


  1. What a great story. That's awesome you got your little guy to do a triathlon. I just started following Stu on Twitter and didn't know he did something like this. That's really cool.

    Your swim time is great!

  2. way to go, coming from another beginner. Also, one who knows how it feels to have only a few followers. Thanks for checking out my blog