Monday, August 16, 2010

I love running!

Okay, my triathlon season is over for the year. I had a great time at River Cities Tri with my cousin Jess. I had a nice, easy week afterward. I had a great massage. I had a vacation to visit more family. All this can only mean one thing for me... It's time to get ready for a fall half-marathon.

Last year I ran the YMCA half-marathon and loved every minute of it (all 148 of them!) but this year I am aiming for a different challenge. I'm going to participate in the Louisiana Trails Half Marathon to benefit Xtreme Missionary Adventures. I found out last year that I love trail running and I'm all for supporting mission work, so it seems like the perfect race.

So, as I transition from a multi-sport focus to a primarily running focus I am reminded of the sheer joy of running. It's my absolute favorite and the fall is my favorite season for running. To keep me in running form I'll be doing more yoga, some Core Performance, and some trigger point work. I hope that you have an exciting fall to look forward to!

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