Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunrise Triathlon 3

Triathlon has been my metaphor for life these last two years and Sunday was no exception.

The swim was great, I was faster than last year and ended up getting second in my age group for my swim time. My transitions were also pretty fast. That is pretty much the only good news, though. The bike started off rockin' and then the headwind slowed me down. I need to do more drills on the bike and longer bike rides. I do ride a clown-cycle (Hybrid), so I can't really compare my times to others riding TT bikes, but my time this year was slower than last year on the bike. The run was also slower for me this year.

The reason for this, I think, is two-fold. First, it was much warmer this year than it was last year, about 97*F. Second, I have not gotten this taper thing figured out for my body. I never seem to have a good race after an easy week.

So, just like life the race had it's up and downs. But considering the alternative of NOT being able to do my sport, a bad race is still a good day!

P.S. Please pray for my friend's daughter Alli, she is fighting childhood cancer and specifically now a low white blood cell count.

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