Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice-buster is More Like It!

We are spoiled here in the southern states with relatively mild winters, made up for with virulent summer heat. So, I was unprepared for riding in almost freezing temperatures today. (Note to self, purchase cycling gloves and those shoe cover thingies). But, it was wintery fun at the 2010 Dustbuster Du!

Last year I was so embarrased to bring my cheapo bike (see photo below). I was so sure that everyone was an absolute expert and it was very intimidating. I realize now that all of that was only in my head. This year I racked my heavy beast right long side those speed machines like I belonged there. And I did. So did everyone else, no matter their gear, fitness level, or goals.

It was a foggy morning and on my warm-up jog. I could easily convince myself that I was the last survivor on the planet. Visibility was about 20 feet. The first run section went well. I got pretty warm and took my fleece gloves off in transition. I regretted this about 20 seconds later when I started riding my bike. I just pulled my jacket sleeves down over my fingers and got on with it. It was cold, but I just told myself that I was having an EXPERIENCE. The sun came out to burn all the fog away and warmed me up a little bit, too. The first half of the second run I couldn't really feel my feet, they were so cold. I felt good the whole time, maybe too good. I always tell people "good job" and cheer for them. I notice I am about the only one doing it. Oh well, you can take a nerd out of high school...

Oh, here are my results:

1.5 mile run - 13:36 (9:04 pace)
11.9 mile bike - 45:29 (15.7 mph)
1.5 mile run - 13:27 (8:58 pace)

A little bit better than last year - yeah!

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