Saturday, August 8, 2009

6 Week Challenge Results - and a new plan...

My 6 Week Challenge to myself to watch my portion sizes had mixed results. I did really well for 4 weeks out of 6, then had a couple of weeks where I fell off the wagon. I did not lose any weight, but according to my body fat scale (inaccurate, I know) I did lose 1.3% body fat. Since I will start my half-marathon training plan next week for a November race, I want better results than that. I am at a healthy body weight right now, but on the upper end. I figure if I can move toward the mid-range it will be easier on my knees and maybe I will run a little faster, too.
My new plan is to aim for losing a pound a week by following the guidelines given to me by a sports nutritionist. I know that the plan is healthy, specific to my needs, takes my training into consideration, and works. I just have to follow it! So, every Saturday I will report each week's results here.

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